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Dr. Wood

I am a licensed psychologist with a general psychotherapy and forensic practice in Bethesda, Maryland. I provide individual, family and group psychotherapy and specialize in the treatment of trauma, alcoholism and other substance use problems. I also perform forensic evaluations and provide expert testimony in cases where plaintiffs or defendants have been affected by traumatic events and/or substance use disorders. I have written two books that explain the impact of alcoholism on families and describe a path toward recovery. Washingtonian Magazine has identified me as one of the top 123 psychotherapists in the Washington, D.C. area.

I believe that trauma and substance use disorders are complex problems that affect people in a variety of ways, undermining mood, compromising performance at school and at work, and distorting family life and relationships with friends. Psychotherapy can help in several ways: First, by clarifying the scope and stage of the problem so that an effective treatment plan can be developed; then, by providing education and support and helping people to acquire the insight and skills needed to manage emotions and behaviors that have become problematic for them. Since people are affected by these disorders in so many ways, they often need assistance from many people as they work toward a stable recovery. I strongly support involvement with 12-step programs and I have close working relationships with professionals in other fields who can become part of a comprehensive treatment team capable of addressing the multiple impacts of trauma and substance use disorders. These include physicians, career development specialists, nutritionists, and exercise physiologists. At the same time, I recognize that just getting started in psychotherapy is a huge step in and of itself, and work to match the intensity and breadth of treatment to an individual”s unique needs and resources.

You can learn more about my approach to treatment by reading excerpts from my books. Please click to read an excerpt from Raising Healthy Children in an Alcoholic Home or to read an excerpt from Children of Alcoholism: The Struggle for Self and Intimacy in Adult Life.

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