Reviews for Books by Barbara L. Wood, Ph.D.

Books by Barbara L. Wood, Ph.D., APA-CPP Substance Abuse Disorders

Raising Healthy Children in an Alcoholic Home

This is a book written for parents in recovery from alcoholism, co-dependence, and other substance use disorders. It helps recovering parents to understand the impact of parental alcoholism and co-dependency on family structure, and on the developing child. It also helps them to become “therapeutic ” parents—active and compassionate listeners and sensitive guides to children in crisis. Please click to read an excerpt from Raising Healthy Children in an Alcoholic Home.  To order, click on the cover image to the right.

Critical Praise for Raising Healthy Children in an Alcoholic Home

“What a fantastic idea – I was thoroughly intrigued and blown away by this book. We all think about and treat adult children as well as ruminate over the spouses/ partners and whether they should stay in the relationship or not. Most of us hope the work on the adult relationships will have a positive effect on the children. We also do some work with the children but I’ve never really seen the approach of “we have an alcoholic family – how do we do this the best we can for the children” with the children in the forefront as the focus subjects. This book is so clear and so well written packed with wonderful sane guidelines. It is a gift to any parent who recognizes the dysfunction of the addictive household using or not and desires to help their children be happy and healthy. And I dare say themselves. Wow.”
Beverly Kimpel, MD.

Dr. Wood’s excellent book conveys an honest, hopeful and compassionate understanding of the recovery process. Her easy to read yet comprehensive guide for families and professionals offers practical suggestions and compelling examples that are pertinent for all families moving beyond addiction. Dr. Wood’s extensive experience supports her deep understanding of the general challenges, while also acknowledging a wide range of individual differences among families in recovery. Parents will find this positive book to be an excellent guide for creating an “emotional safety net” that heals themselves and their children.
Susan Wechsler, Ph.D.

“Barbara Wood is a healing voice in the difficult and lonely world of parenting in an alcoholic family. Her book is both necessary and comforting. As a parent, I found it to be personally helpful in a practical way. I recommend it to any family member embarking on the road to recovery.”
Thomas Perrin, author of I Am An Adult Who Grew Up In An Alcoholic Family

“Barbara Wood has done it again in this most important volume, as she addresses strategies for raising healthy children in a family in which there is an alcoholic parent. Her empathy, warmth and vast clinical understanding shine through and are lucidly captured in many poignant vignettes. Her book is an impressive contribution for everyone who grapples with this issue in their own lives as well as for practitioners helping their clients to become therapeutic parents.”
Marsha Vannicelli, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School, author of Group Psychotherapy with Adult Children of Alcoholics and Removing the Roadblocks

Children of Alcoholism: The Struggle for Self and Intimacy in Adult Life
NYU Press 1987

This book was an alternate selection of the Psychotherapy and Social Sciences Review in 1987, and is identified in the current New York Review of Books Reader’s Catalog as one of the best books in print. Please click to read an excerpt from Children of Alcoholism.  To order, click on the image of the cover.

Critical Praise for Children of Alcoholism 

“Neatly packaged, intelligently written, and intensely interesting…Regardless of one’s theoretical alliances and level of treatment expertise, this book can be used to enhance conceptualization of psychology; reevaluate the emotional climate fostered in the therapeutic situation; and refine processes for encouraging patient confidence, creativity, and positive affect. Compelling from intellectual and emotional standpoints, this compact volume is highly recommended to a general clinical readership.”
From the Journal of Contemporary Psychology

“A needed and great service to both analytically trained therapists and those who work with adult children of dysfunctional families. Emphasizes the effectiveness of re-experiencing the feelings of ungrieved losses and traumas with safe, compassionate, and accepting people. One of the most scholarly and in-depth books yet to come out of the ‘adult children’ movement. Reflects mind, heart, and, at times, spirit.”
Charles Whitfield, M.D. – Author of Healing the Child Within